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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wayne State University M.D. Admissions Tweet-Up- June 7)

Have questions about applying to medical school? Join our M.D. Admissions Tweet-up Wednesday 6/7 from 3 to 4 p.m. We will have admissions advisors and current medical students live tweeting answers to your questions. Find us on Twitter @waynemedicine or #warriorMD
Learn more about us online at and check out the video below to learn a little more about Detroit. If you would like to know more, I would be happy to set-up a meeting with you soon! Contact me at 313-577-1466 or email me at
Melvin Lunkins
Wayne State University School of Medicine


Visit Detroit

Vibrant Detroit

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Children Beyond Our Borders Positions

I am the President of the Children Beyond Our Borders University of Florida Student Chapter.  We are searching for hardworking, passionate, and dedicated Executive Board members for the 2017-2018 school year. The non-profit organization strives to empower through education, and strongly believes that education promotes peace and a better quality of life. It is our mission to provide opportunities for children and youth affected by armed conflict and social injustice to find peace, prosperity and well-being through education.

We are looking for two more people to join our executive board. The positions of Secretary and Public Relations are open. Please forward this opportunity to any students you believe will be interested. 
Visit our website to learn more about what Children Beyond Our Borders Inc. (CBOB) does before applying. 

If there are any questions, please email me at

Education=Empowerment. Add yourself to the equation.
Thank you,
Courtney Dowell-Esquivel
UF CBOB Chapter President

UF Master of Public Health Program

2018 ADEA AADSAS Application is Open!

The 2018 ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (ADEA AADSAS®) cycle is open! Applicants can now begin applying online

Be sure to spread the word that the application cycle to dental school is open, and apply early. 




Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Part Time Job Opportunity


Job Description

                My name is Megan Pope and I am the colony manager for Dr. Barry Byrne’s lab at the University of Florida, where we have a colony of Lapphund dogs that are carriers for Pompe’s Disease. The dogs in the study mimic the infantile onset in humans and typically do not begin to show clinical signs until they are about six months old. Our lab has been in the process of creating an injection that will hopefully correct the disease through gene therapy.

                Pompe’s Disease is an autosomal recessive glycogen storage disease that is caused by a deficiency or absence of acid alpha-glucosidase (GAA) that causes degenerative neuromuscular disease. The disease is classified as glycogen storage disease type II as the GAA is the enzyme that is required for glycogen degradation in the lysosomes is deficient or absent, and thus the glycogen accumulates in the muscles and causes the cells to enlarge. This accumulation affects the skeletal muscle, cardiac muscles, and liver eventually causing progressive cardiac myopathy, skeletal muscle weakness, respiratory difficulty and severe cardiac hypertrophy. There are three categories of the disease, which are infantile onset, juvenile onset and late onset. With the disease, the dogs are also prone to megaesophagus. This condition will cause the dogs to have chronic vomiting problems and troubles maintaining weight.

                As a part of this protocol we are breeding heterozygous animals to get homozygous recessive animals that will display the clinical signs. The homozygous dominant and heterozygous animals do not display any associated signs of disease and thus will be adopted out to approved forever homes. The affected dogs will develop cardiorespiratory problems and some skeletal muscle problems and will require around the clock care.

                I am currently looking for students who can assist during the whelping process and afterwards with the affected puppies. There will be continuous breeding done in order to produce enough affected puppies to complete the study.

 The students will be required to:

  • Provide supplemental feeding to puppies who are not suckling well
  • Providing care to the dam, including feeding, cleaning and allowing her exercise
  • Some behavioral training with the older dogs
  • Assisting with semen collections and artificial insemination
  • Work 4 hour blocks of time completing all required tasks
  • Providing all dogs with standard care
    • Giving any necessary medications
    • Cleaning ears
    • Giving bathes
  • Weighing puppies daily
  • Reporting any health concerns
  • Basic dog husbandry
  • Assist with performing MRI, CT scans, ECG/EKG
Other requirements may come about as the colony grows and the puppies are then treated with the gene therapy.

                 If you are interested in working with the colony please filled out the following paperwork to the best of your ability and return it to me via email at or you can request a time to drop it off in my office. My office is in the Academic Research Building located between the Medical School and the McKnight Brain Institute. Please include a copy of your resume. We are hopeful to start breeding during the month of July but there is work to do between now and then as far as acclimating our in house dogs.
Please fill out the below information:

Phone #
Please list your hours of availability (to work - not your class hours). This project will occur in the summer/fall (likely starting in July/August) so we realize that you may not know your final schedule yet:


Please list species you have worked with:
Are you available to work weekends and holidays?

  1. Please mark with an X your level of experience at these skills: 

No experience
Have performed
Canine Breeding
Puppy Care
Oral drug dosing
Intravenous inj.
Blood Collection
Animal Restraint
Subcutaneous inj.
Intramuscular inj.
Record Keeping
Computer Skills

  1. Do you have experience working in a veterinary setting?  If so please describe briefly: